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THE RETURN OF JIMI NEEDLES - UK hip hop, funk, drum n' bass, ragga muffin scratch extraordinaire
The Rubber Boot Club
Sat. October 5th 9pm doors at 8pm
$14.50 - $16.50 advance Ticket Info Tickets At: Lyles Place, Vinyl Envy, online @ ticketweb.ca
Scratch-master extraordinaire. Jack of genres. UK bass maestro and party-rocking legend JIMI NEEDLES makes his return to Victoria! The last time the Ghetto Funk impresario touched down in Victoria, he made his Canadian debut as part of Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest XIX where he set Lucky Bar on fire with an unforgettable set that had us all dripping with sweat by the end. In the time he's been away, his reputation as a world-class DJ and producer has only grown, with festival appearances and headline gigs all around Europe. Every Jimi Needles show is a journey through groove – drum 'n' bass, hip-hop, future funk, disco, reggae, breaks – and we can't wait to see what he brings to Victoria for his triumphant return!

We are also stoked to welcome our friend BOUSADA back to the Rubber Boot for this throw down. One of our city's most engaging performers, BOUSADA always brings the rhythms to get you movin' and to make you feel. His deep rivers of groove sway and wind in ways that make your waist do the same thing. For this Saturday night, the BOUSADA family will be taking the stage a trio for even more of that musical community that BOUSADA fosters wherever he sets up and gets down. And kicking things off for the evening is one of the city's freshest drum 'n' bass acts, Frequency and Fever, who'll be starting things off with a blast of dnb featuring synths, live mixing and live drums for a extra blast of energy to get things started!

FRASE + Friends in Victoria
FRASE, IMUR, Laborer
Victoria Event Centre
Sat. October 19th 10pm
$16.50 - $20 (+ s.c.) advance Ticket Info
Our packed fall schedule gets even hotter with a one of our most dancetacular Saturday nights ever! We are so stoked to welcome our new friend FRASE as he brings his deeply soulful and relentlessly groovy tunes back to Victoria. Combining hip-hop, reggae, soul, blues with big bass feels and flourishes of house and future bass, Frase's incredibly unique sound has made him a favourite on the Canadian west coast and beyond – garnering new fans through appearances at some of the area's premier festivals like Bass Coast, Shambhala, Atmosphere Gathering and Koksilah, to name a few. He'll be joined on stage by his partner and collaborator EMBODY MVMT. The two make an electric pairing every time they take the stage together, feeding off the energy from the crowd and channeling that energy back off the stage with one of the most engaging stage shows two people can create. Frase sets are always guaranteed to feed your soul while moving your feet (and hips) and we can't wait to bask in the musical warmth.

Joining Frase for this special Saturday night is Vancouver's red-hot make-out powerhouse I M U R. This fantastically unique trio has been making serious waves with their electric R&B blend, racking up millions of plays on Spotify and spots in ad campaigns with companies like Lululemon and Patagonia. The band creates some of the most sensual sounds the west coast has to offer, with live-looped instrumentals, serious future-bass vibes and the dynamic vocals of singer Jenny Lea. I M U R is definitely going to lay down some tunes that are going to make you want to get close with your partner. And last but certainly not least, kicking off this Saturday night is the mighty LABORER, one of Washington state's most powerful roots reggae singers. He'll be playing a special acoustic set to warm us all up and ease us into a full night of serious dancing and sweating. We can't wait to see all our familiar Ska & Reggae Massive, and hopefully some new faces, out for this very special night!

Capital Ballroom
Sat. October 26th 9pm
$19.50 - $23 Ticket Info
Almost two decades gone, but as fresh as ever in our minds, the 90s were the decade ska music took centre stage on the global music scene. As a new crop of bands were inspired by the sounds of Jamaica and blended them with the sounds of punk, hip-hop and alt rock, ska music was firmly planted into our collective musical consciousness. Few bands at the vanguard of that movement left an impression as lasting as that left by So-Cal legends, NO DOUBT. One of the best, most fun tribute bands you're going to see around these parts, DOUBTLESS pays tribute to this truly iconic bands of the 90s.

Comprised of members of the some of Vancouver Island's coolest bands – LoveCoast, Dope Soda, Timebenders and Fox Glove – DOUBTLESS plays the songs of No Doubt with a unwavering sense of fun and palpable love for the classic originals. After debuting at Victoria Ska & Reggae Festive night, is our good friend TECSTYLEZ. One of the city's most reliable connoisseurs of groove, TecStyleZ always has something ready to get you moving. al in 2018, and laying down two blistering performances up Island earlier this summer, we are stoked to welcome back this incredible band.

The 90s weren't just a time for ska music though. West Coast hip-hop is indelibly linked to the decade as much as the bouncy sounds of ska and there might be no better keepers of that energy and that sound than Victoria's very own ILLVIS FRESHLY. Combining old-school hip-hop flavours, dope MCing, live instruments and big west coast bass, Illvis Freshly is rapidly building a small empire of loyal followers. As they grow and spread their name far and wide – playing festival slots around the continent, rocking headlining shows around western Canada and releasing a string of lights-out singles and albums – hometown shows back in Victoria each always feel a little more special than the last. This Saturday night is looking to be another in a line of unforgettable shows from the hometown heroes. Joining us for the party, holding things down on the wheels of steel throughout the night is our good friend TECSYTLEZ. One of the city’s most reliable connoisserus of groove, TecStylez always has something ready to get you moving.

A Skary Spooktacular with Burnt, Hillside Hooligans & Grossbuster
The Rubber Boot Club
Thu. October 31st 9pm - 12:30am doors at 8pm
$13 - $15 Ticket Info
Our Skary Spooktacular is a musical family reunion that brings together many of the same humans that embarked on a California tour together almost 15 years ago. That family is One Drop and Burnt but today's incarnation of it brings us Burnt, Hillside Hooligans and Grossbuster (Nathan Cummings one of One Drop's lead singers).

We are excited to have California-based reggae/ska group BURNT back to Victoria after their appearance at Victoria's 20th Anniversary Ska & Reggae Festival this past summer. Burnt who love coming to Canada's west coast was initially based around Coachella Valley, but then relocated to San Diego in 2005, and eventually settled in San Francisco. The group combines reggae, dub, ska, soul, hip-hop, punk, and acoustic rock, and features environmentally and politically conscious lyrics, as well as songs about partying and relaxation.

Burnt are the perfect match for their brothers Hillside Hooligans that blend ska, soulful reggae and punk. Hillside Hooligans comprise four of the eight members of One Drop.

Grossbuster brings us a mixture of hip hop, reggae and drum n' bass. Nathan Cummings "Grossbuster" constantly experiments with new sounds with his midi controller. His knowledge of hip hop and reggae combined with his experience as one of the Island best keyboard players makes Grossbuster a versatile one-man unit!