The Leg-Up Program

The Leg-Up Program

The Leg-Up Program is a collaboration of Victoria artists.

Formed in late 2013 to fill-in for a local block party, The Leg-Up Program tore the roof off with their hip hop funk rock soul orchestra and musical collective with approximately 17+ members who contribute to their huge sound. Made up of members from many other local bands, the collective brings a large and eclectic variety of sound to the sonic palette. Be ready to dance!

Originating in Victoria, BC, the awesome 17-piece collective of funk, soul, hip hop, r&b musicians that make up The Leg-Up Program are a force to be reckoned with! At times, they are a soul band with raspy lead vocals and beautifully sculpted harmonies; at times, they are a funk band with wild horn lines and groovy bass and drums; at times they are a hip hop group with catchy hooks and solid beats; and at times, they are sweet and sultry, keeping the audience fully engaged with the slowest of ballads. Amongst it all, is a group of people who simply love to make music and inspire others to get up and dance and become a part of all the fun! Each one is a talented musician and their original material stays with you like any hit song. It's safe to say, this band has it all. This instant party band works hard and it shows.


Capital Ballroom
Sat. December 15th 8:30pm
$19.50 - $25 Ticket Info Tickets At: Lyles Place, Vinyl Envy, Jupiter, Fascinating Rhythm, online @
Here come the kings! We're talking about Brooklyn NY's ska/reggae kings THE SLACKERS that is... We celebrated their 25th Anniversary last time they came to Canada's west coast and now we're working on their journey to their dirty 30th! But no matter what point we are in life, it's always a joy to host our long time friends.

Through The Slackers' mixed repertoire of music ranging from ska and reggae to soul, R&B, folk, and bossa nova they've managed to capture fans that span the spectrum of music with audiences of all ages. The band also plays with an aggressive edge and their songs veer in themes from the personal to the political. They're a band like no other and certainly not what one may think from a ska band from their era in the US. From their 1996 release, Better Late Than Never through to 2016 with their self titled album The Slackers, they have established themselves as America's premiere interpreters and innovators of Jamaican music.

Now after 20 years of working with the Slackers, Victoria BC Ska & Reggae Society is part of this beautiful tradition of Slackers music.

In Victoria the Slackers will be joined by two of Victoria's most exciting bands. The soul-funk behemoth THE LEG-UP PROGRAM and down and dirty power-trio SEXWEATHER.

The Leg-Up Program is unlike anything else in the land – a 17-piece monster of groove laying down soul, funk and hip-hop, all blended up with bits of rock, gospel and anything else with heart, all delivered with top-shelf musicianship and a unique big-band aesthetic. It's a wonder to watch these giant group of incredible artists come together to create their big, soulful sound and we're so excited to welcome them back to our stage!

Victoria power-trio Sexweather will be kicking off this party in style. Unbound by any genre, Sexweather comes hard with an unpredictable mix of punk, hip-hop, blues and folk, delivered with serious energy and creative swagger. Let's just say if you're looking to party, Sexweather is a band you want in your corner.

ASTA DIASTA will be keeping things moving between sets with tasty grooves to keep you bouncing.