Kalinka Malinka , Valenki, Hey Barguzin Poshevelivai Val.....
The mission of Chervona is not to be another “GYPSY wonna be" kind of band or pretend to be inventing a new "KLEZMER PUNK kingdom". There is a RUSSIAN saying: “All NEW - is good forgotten OLD one". We are simply playing the songs that we (and many of you) heard from the age of ZERO. We play the songs that we love to sing, fun to listen to, easy to dance to. We play songs that are 3 or may-be 30 generations old and still kicking. There are few numbers that are original but, we give them good test by watching the level craziness in the audience while we play them. We make sure you get the best out of the best.
We are international band with roots coming from RUSSIA, ISRAEL, ARMENIA, GERMANY, ITALY, SPAIN, POLAND, UKRAINE, TATARSTAN, BRAZIL and ARGENTINA. We are singing in a few languages too and our music has many colors.
If you wonder: what does "CHERVONA" mean?- it’s “RED" or "BEAUTIFUL" in UKRANIAN and POLISH.
Chervona started as side project of “MiruMir!” international punk-rock band from Portland, Oregon, USA in 2006. We carry some attitude from that genre and cover some songs of that great band
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