Rocksteady Collective

With the 17th annual Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival just over a month away, we are pleased to announce the continuation of the Rocksteady Collective for it's 6th consecutive year. This exhibition is our visual arts component to the festival. This year's Rocksteady Collective will feature many artists, with a variety of mediums. This will be the very first year the Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival will feature culinary arts and metalwork.

New Venue
We are excited to be holding this year's gallery at The Odd Fellows Hall, home of the prestigious Odd Fellows. Completed in 1897, this unique building was designed by the same architect as City Hall, and offers a timeless atmosphere.

Launch Party - FREE admission!
Check out our Rocksteady Collective Launch Party on Friday June 24th from 5-7PM, located at The Odd Fellows Hall at 1315 Douglas Street. Come browse the art, enjoy complimentary culturally significant appetizers with a flare of culinary arts, and watch our video arts presentation from the Wolfpack Project.

Rocksteady Showcase
This year we will be featuring two Rocksteady shows, both held at The Odd Fellows Hall. Friday June 24th we have Compassion Gorilla, w/ Cheko & The Lion Rockers, and Saturday June 25th we have Bousada w/ Buckman Coe and Mr. Fantastik. Tickets only available at door. $10 with Full Fest pass or proof of other ticket purchase, or $15 for those not attending any other festival shows. VIP get in FREE!

Special Mentions:

We are proud to once again welcome back Verse to the Rockteady Collective's list of artists. His murals show a unique blend of portrait street art and wild style graffiti, and are always a festival favourite.

We are excited to welcome back Amethyst Dance Troup who are sure to tantalize our audience with choreographed dance and adult entertainment. A fan favourite from last year!

Your host for the evening will be none other than the festival's Rocksteady Collective Coordinator, Sean "Flynch" Behnsen, our society's big-bearded, band interviewing, slice of pecan pie.

Featured Artists:
John Hopkins
Sean Behnsen
Amethyst Dance Troupe
Warren Smith
Stephie Spring
Kim Newns
Eric Holden (Gourmet Munchies)
Laban Pitman-Johnson (Wolfpack Project)
Arielle Houghton
Steve Kitchen
Travis Charuk
Sean Brookes
Leah Craig 
Nightgirl Inc 
Ry Williams

The Rocksteady Collective, Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival's annual art exhibition, will feature culinary arts for the first time this year. We have recruited local chef and food enthusiast Eric Holden of Strathcona's Rooftop Patio kitchen, to not only prepare visually stunning hors d'oeurves, but culturally significant recipes as well. This service we are providing will be absolutely free of charge and is open to ALL AGES. The food will be served at our Rocksteady launch party on Friday June 24th, 2016, between 5-7 PM. Attendees can snack on delicious bites, browse our display of local music-inspired art pieces, and watch a series of video presentations that pertain to the festival and the gallery.

Jamaican Drums - This Jamaican inspired dish takes chicken to a whole new level, exploding with spicy flavour and the colours of the Jamaican flag.

Kangaroo, Hops - This Australian inspired dish made from exotic kangaroo meat, packs a punch with a hop infused accent.

Essence of South America - This South American inspired vegan and gluten-free dish is bursting with fresh vegetable and herb flavours and opens up your taste pallette.


The Rocksteady Collective is the visual arts component of the festival. The collective transforms the festival site into an art exhibit and creates new one of a kind art works for the festival. This year, Rocksteady will act as the final show of the festival featuring bands and visual arts. We are currently taking applications for artists wishing to showcase their work. We are looking for art that contains relative elements to ska & reggae music. More details will be provided to those selected for the exhibition. We have limited space, so I apply sooner than later! It's free to apply! Good luck!  

If you are an artist interested in getting involved fill out the Rocksteady Collective Application Form.

Artist Profiles