Shane Philip Tree

Hailing from Quadra Island in the powerful belt of Canada’s Gulf Islands Shane Philip constantly emerges and continues to impress thousands of music lovers across Canada. His undeniably irresistible brand of organic roots music touches everything from reggae, roots, folk, rock, blues, world beat and more. Philip is a proponent of many instruments, which he uses, in his live shows. His hands skillfully juggle between his didgeridoo, aslatua and djembe (along with four or more guitars he has on hand) combined with his kick drum that his feet beat in combination with everything else. All of this makes for an unforgettable experience that keeps people coming back for more.

And now another evolution of Shane Philip has come about. Spawned through an epic appearance at Victoria Ska Fest 2010, while playing alongside one of New Zealand’s hottest bands Katchafire – Shane Philip teamed up with Marc Atkinson (known for his gypsy/jazz band Marc Atkinson Trio) and Joby Baker (one of Vancouver’s Island greatest producers). The ensemble was called “SHANE PHILIP TREE” and it’s just starting to become known in circles that are avid fans of both Shane Philip and Marc Atkinson. SHANE PHILIP TREE is exciting because it can take many forms and can accommodate numerous arrangements. With artists such as Marc Atkinson, Bill Hicks, and Joby Baker involved we’re just starting to the SHANE PHILIP TREE in its infancy. No matter what the collaboration the SHANE PHILIP TREE always makes for a unique and exciting musical experience each and every time.