The Israelites

The culture of ska runs deep and is inseparable from world culture. The Israelites demonstrate this. Jamaican ska pioneer Desmond Dekker named an album Israelites in keeping with the Rastafarian tradition that likens people taken from Africa as slaves to another dispersed people who regard Israel as their true homeland. Since 1989, the Israelites have upheld the musical traditions of ska with full instrumentation including horns and keyboards, as well as familiar sounds and elements of ska style played with freshness. Indeed, this band has become more roots-focused in recent years, better mimicking authentic early Jamaican ska, and like the Skatalites, infusing jazz and soul into the sound. Like the pioneers of ska, the Israelites pay homage to the spirit and make a joyful sound with traditional ska flavoured with rocksteady and reggae. Feel-good music with deep roots. Check it, man.