Since their inception in 2013, Lovecoast has been delivering a new sound that won't go unnoticed. Their blends of old soul, fresh pop and infectious beats has landed them on line-ups such as Pemberton Music Festival 2015 and Juno Fest 2016. 'Chasing Tides,' the band's 5 song EP produced by Juno nominated Tom Dobrzanski (Hey Ocean, Said the Whale, We are the City), is a strong testament to their hip-swaying abilities and tight musicality. Lovecoast's fresh vitality and dance driven nature is the result of five unique dispositions coming together as classmates and taking their music far beyond the classroom. With their eyes set firmly on the horizon, Lovecoast is an up and coming Canadian band to watch.


Lovecoast - One Night
In this Video Artist(s) LOVECoast
Posted: May. 24, 2016
Lovecoast - The Floor (Official Video)
In this Video Artist(s) LOVECoast
Posted: May. 24, 2016


Lucky Bar
Fri. March 1st 9:30pm
$13 - $14.50 advance Ticket Info
Friday, March 1 at Lucky Bar is set to be another one of those smaller intimate shows that bring together some of the Island's most talented with an international twist.

We are excited to bring Dope Soda and Lovecoast together for the first time with JPson from South Africa.

For those of you that are familiar with Dope Soda the band is a party in and of itself. Ska, reggae, hip hop, funk are just some of their favourite styles of music they bring to the party. Dope Soda brings energy to the stage which translates to energy on the dancefloor. They jumps back and forth between reggae jams, punk-rock assaults, happy ska romps, and hip-hop throw-downs– a thirst quencher for audiences who need good rhymes and good times.

Lovecoast has some of the same musical elements of Dope Soda (and some of the same members too ;) but they focus on more of a relaxed style that brings together modern pop with 70s R&B. Influenced by bands such as The Cat Empire, Billie Holiday and Bruce Springsteen the band's range is wide. But no matter the influence Lovecoast adds a modern twist that makes you want to listen to them more. Notably they were heavily involved in creating "Doubtless" which is a No Doubt Tribute band which played at Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest in June 2018.

JPson (South Africa) blends folk, hip hop, reggae to create his sound. His sound reflects his philosophies and lessons he's learned throughout his travels. No matter where he went his music was his strength.