Arielle Houghton

Arielle Houghton is a local Victorian through and through. "I love the beautiful BC nature, art and of course music. Currently studying at UVic, I’m excited for a summer full of dance and artwork. I love visual arts, poetry, people, travel, social justice and I’m very passionate about taking action to help mitigate social justice issues. One way I’ve taking action is through my artwork. Just last February I held my first art show and Syrian Refugee fundraiser which supported a local initiative to help resettle a family of five in Victoria. In 2014, I lead an art program at the Victoria Cool Aid Society over the summer to help create a safe, fun and inclusive space for homeless people to explore their artistic abilities while challenging some of their limiting self-beliefs. Besides using my visual art and poetry to give a voice to the issues occurring all around the world, I am also a fervent volunteer for local initiatives that focus on BC based issues. Although I don’t have much schooling in the realm of artwork, I’ve been creating art for as long as I remember. In high school my passion for art often took up half of my day as I spent most of my time in the art room. Other than my consistent practice, I’ve also taken some introductory lessons at Camosun and took a class while living in Spain. My passion for people, nature and travel shapes what I create, often manifesting as brightly coloured animals, beautifully aged faces and the hands that empower us to take action. I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to ask me any questions in regards to ways to give back to your community!"