Hailing from the Plains Cree First Nation, Yellowsky (Born Roberto Andres Pooyak) is arguably the most prominent, important First Nations rapper rocking in Canada right now. His massive, bottom end-heavy beats pay homage to the grimy city life of the most classic of hip-hop music while his elastic, malleable delivery harken to the traditions of both classic Jamaican deejaying and more modern MC styles. There's a real rebellious nature that fuels Yellowsky's music. “I was raised by residential school survivors – my late mother and all my aunties. That's where I get my rebel side,” remarks Yellowsky on this rebellious nature. Where a lot of positive hip-hop starts to lose some of its sharpness, Yellowsky is making positive music that still retains an exhilarating edge.


Bousada, Yellowsky @ Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest XIX
Lucky Bar
Wed. June 20th 9:30
$14.50-$16.50 Ticket Info
Victoria's foremost purveyor of smooth grooves, BOUSADA, returns to Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest! Festival veteran, he's played our Rocksteady Collective Exhibition Showcase and appeared on the Inner Harbour stage with Illvis Freshly. He returns to our stage this year with something wholly different and exciting...the good homie will be backed by a 4-piece band. Expanding on the already communal vibe of his music, this new setup is going to get the floor bouncing more than ever.

With BOUSADA to help kick off the first night of Vic Ska & Reggae Fest XIX will be powerful YELLOWSKY. Making his debut on the Festival stage last year, opening for Mike Love at Capital Ballroom, Yellowsky made quite an impact on everyone who caught his heavy-hitting reggae-rap. The last year has seen big things for Yellowsky, including the recent release of his debut album “Mixed Medicine,” perhaps the most powerful combination of hip-hop and reggae this side of Jamrock. This show is going to be a 1-2 punch of power and groove. The perfect way to start the festival and power up for the days ahead.

Music and Resistance Workshop
Vinyl Envy
Thu. June 21st 1pm - 2pm doors at 1pm
“To resist is to struggle against an opposing force.
Music is a vocal artist’s way to express their voice & opinion.”

- Yellowsky

Music has always played a key role in the resistance and overcoming of injustice and oppression, and reggae and hip-hop are no exception to this trend. Join us as we learn of the struggles and difficulties that face Indigenous Canadian peoples through the eyes of reggae and hip-hop artist Yellowsky, and how he was able to use his music to educate, overcome, and heal. Yellowsky will discuss positive resistance through healing wounds, how music and the physics of sound can be used to heal, and the influences that allowed him to take the stand that he has. This workshop is also interactive, though you will need to be present to see what Yellowsky has planned!