Apex Breaks

"The mighty maestros of mischief, the juggernauts of jungle funk, APEX BREAKS. Every time that Apex Breaks takes to the stage, their legend grows exponentially. Priding themselves on being one of the more fun, more unpredictable, more engaging band on the west coast right now. Their show at Hermann's Upstairs on the opening night of Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest 2022 was one of the most talked about performances this year and set the tone for an unforgettable weekend. Apex Breaks lays down heavy funk with hits of hip-hop, soul, rock, dub and a big slopping plate of psychedelia. Made of some of Victoria's best musicians from a variety of beloved projects, when Apex Breaks is on the stage they radiate joy and fun as they indulge the audience in their shared love of music and the bonds of musical community."
- Victoria Ska and Reggae Society


at The Wicket Hall
Thu. June 20th 8:30 PM - 1:30 AM
$22.50 - $29.95 advance Ticket Info
On Night 2 of our 25th Anniversary, we're getting FUNKY and bringing a heaping dose of those deep funk grooves to get feet moving, hearts pumping and bodies sweating. Headlining this deep funk mining expedition is one of the worlds foremost protectors of the Funk, the mighty FORT KNOX FIVE. A legend on both coasts, the Washington D.C.-to- B.C. implant's immense talents – both behind the decks and in the production booth – have taken him around the globe, spreading the good word of the Funk. Fort Knox Five sets are always a journey through grooves, taken from every corner of music, regardless of genre, and injected with the signature Fort Knox Five punch. A deservedly beloved act in the world of electronic music, Fort Knox Five hits non-electronic fans right in the heart too, crossing over and winning them festival appearances around the globe – including their yearly throwdown in Shambhala's legendary Fractal Forest. If you like groove in your musical diet, then Fort Knox Five is for you.

We couldn't think of anyone in our city more appropriate to hop on this Thursday night Funk Fest than Victoria's powerful, psychedelic jungle funk monster APEX BREAKS. Since their inception, Apex Breaks has been an unstoppable force on the west coast music scene, scorching dancefloors with their untameable, ultra-colourful full funk assault. It doesn't take more than a few minutes standing in front of any stage that Apex Breaks is inhabiting to feel their power and their unadulterated joy for music. Either you've seen Apex Breaks and it's time for your next does, or you haven't seen them and it's time to get initiated. Also on the bill for our funk party is the Don of Dubversified, MIRAGE (fka Blackout). Not just a master of hip-hop, breaks and G-house, Mirage is a community builder – proven by the strength of the community he's helped facilitate around his creation, Dubversified Culture. We're stoked to welcome him to our stages for the first time as he rounds out this, quite frankly, unmissable bill.