Perfect Giddimani

Perfect Giddimani, born Greg Rose, in St Ann's Bay, Jamaica, is recognized as one of the most interesting and talented performers in the world of reggae music. Giddimani actually cut his first tune as Little Ninja, before evolving to his final form and with his current stage name, Perfect Giddimani. He began deejaying in the sound system Trend Setter from Bamboo where he grown and recorded his first dubplates. His big break came when his track, the endearing "Hand Cart Bwoy" caught fire in Jamaica and brought a wave of support for local peddlers selling their wares on the street. His consistent output for over a decade has helped to keep him at the forefront of the roots reggae movement, with his 2017 single "Live My Life Again" hitting #1 on the billboard reggae charts. There's a reason Perfect Giddimani has had such a long career. If you get the chance to witness his powerful reggae sermons, you should absolutely take that chance!

An artist in a class all of his own - his only actual peer is the man that lives in his mirror.