Melissa Larkin

Melissa Larkin

Be born awake before you're dead.

I play music from time to time to pass the time, to feel time, to keep time, and sing out out out, like one of those indie bands who insist on putting too many words in their band name accompanied by exlamation marks.

I long to be a mystery, but tell all my secrets. no more. so... you guess, which ones are true?

I once belonged to a cult

I am a nude model

I love the feeling of cotton balls.

I buried all my dreams under a rock in a remote jungle.

I have broken 8 bones.

I once created a robot named Rickets.

I have had a near death experience

I have a scar that speaks.

To all the lovers and haters, chill out, breathe deep while the air is good, keep guessin, and listening. C'est Tout. Je T'aime.

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