The McGillicuddys

The McGillicuddys

Celtic punk rock’n’roll, with lashings of mandolin, tin whistle and accordion all amped up with power chords that will transport you back to a mythical smoky pub with brawling songs of drink, hard living and hard loving.

Album Notes:

Under the influence of old school punk rock and traditional Celtic tunes, the McGillicuddys sound like a psycho ceilidh amped up with power chords: drums, bass and electric guitar provide a thumping background for the lashings of mandolin, tin whistle and accordion that complete the glorious din. This heady mixture is topped off with the gritty real-life lyrics, and catchy boot-stomping songs that make up the full-bodied McGillicuddys experience: psycho ceilidh punk! From Victoria BC, on the west coast of Canada, the McGillicuddys are a stiff mix of the Pogues and the Clash, with shots of Social Distortion and the Dubliners thrown in for good measure, creating a sound fans of groups like Flogging Molly, the Mahones and Dropkick Murphys will happily drink to.

The McGillicuddys new full length CD, aptly entitled “Sin Lane,” was released in March 2011. This 12 (actually, 13 if you’re counting) track CD features original songs written and inspired by the McGillicuddys’ 12 years of playing music and touring together, and offers a glimpse into the misadventures, sin and debauchery traversed along the way. Together with McGillicuddys’ original compositions, “Sin Lane” also includes a ‘McGillified‘ punk rock interpretation of the traditional tune The Banks of the Roses, and covers of Richard Thompson’s 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, and The Nips’ Gabrielle.

• “This is a party disc, with some of the best Celtic punk-edged rock I've heard in a very long time. It's definitely worth whirling on the CD player a few thousand times!”
• “The black-clad five piece, with accordion, guitar, bass, drums, male and female vocals, and whistle transported the crowd to a mythical smoky pub with brawling songs of drink, hard livin' and hard lovin.'”
• “A Hard Way” is an amazing tune; it captures everything this band can do well, brilliant quick guitar, beautiful accordion, gang vocals, and very touching, catchy lyrics.”
• “Another super sized serving of Irish folk punk that shows it can easily be St. Paddy's Day every day, especially if you like them best when they end in a drunken brawl. High octane and out of control, this is music to get wild to and you don't have to be Irish.”
• “Complete with tin whistles and infectious rhythms these players have the dynamics to pack dance floors wherever they play. The band appeals to the alternative dance crowd with their edgy arrangements and punk sensibilities but remains solid with those that love roots music from Ireland and Scotland.”
• “The punk rock guitar, bass and drums make a great noise, but they still leave lots of room for the traditional instruments to shine through. Much of the music kinda brings to mind the Pogues plus power chords.”

The McGillicuddys bring a high-energy Celtic punk rock ’n’ roll party to packed dance floors wherever they play. Their edgy arrangements and punk rock sensibilities appeal equally to both the alternative crowd, and to those who love traditional Celtic music.



Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest XIX
Sat. June 23rd 9:30pm
$16.50-$20 Ticket Info Tickets At: Lyles Place, Vinyl Envy, Jupiter Victoria, Tourist Info Centre, online @
A Vancouver institution finally makes their return to Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest! THE DREADNOUGHTS are a roaring sea shanty, wrapped up in folk melody and powered by an old-school street punk aesthetic. The Dreadnoughts lay down furiously energetic yet highly melodic punk music that has kept them atop of the west coast punk scene for more than a decade. Self-described as “Vancouver's biggest, baddest, drunkest, punkest folk band,” The Dreadnoughts have been long recognized as one of the city's most spectacular live bands, with shows that embrace the chaos that keeps punk as such a lively, viable art form. A night out with The Dreadnoughts is going to involve getting kicked in the ears, raising more than a few beers in triumph and, if they have their way, with an audience passed out from exhaustion. We survived their onslaught this past winter in Cumberland, and we're ready for another round!

Joining The Dreadnoughts will be Victoria's own mandolin-accordion-tin whistle-wielding Celtic punkers THE MCGILLICUDDYS. Straight-ahead, driving punk rock lays the base for The McGillicuddys' flourishes of traditional celtic music and folk leanings, creating a wide-appealing and high-energy live show that's guaranteed to add a unique flavour to any stage. Rounding out the night and getting things kicked off will be Victoria's own punk rock warriors, FABLEWAY. For more than two decade Fableway has been kicking ears and getting crowds jumping. Join us for a celebration of the west coast punk scene!