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Roots of Ska Workshop: Chris Murray @ Vinyl Envy Jun 23 2016 - Jun 18th @ Vinyl Envy

Event Archive - Roots of Ska Workshop: Chris Murray

Thu. June 23rd 2016 at Vinyl Envy Victoria BC (All Ages)
1 - 2 doors at 12:30
"I have heard the term "ska purist", understand how it is used, yet the term itself begs the question - what is pure ska? Is there such a thing?

In truth, original Jamaican ska was a fusion of various musical elements that mixed together to form a sound that is instantly recognizable, yet which is most accurately one link in a chain of musical evolution has that continued forward through rock steady and reggae to modern dancehall influencing many non-Jamaican styles along the way.

In this workshop, we will investigate the pre-ska musical styles that contributed to the birth of ska music as a recognizable style in its own right."
-Chris Murray


Chris Murray
Ska/Reggae/Folk from Los Angeles California