The Wrecktals

Fuck a "Band Bio". We're FAR too open minded and versatile to explain everything that we're about in one small fucking paragraph. And you'd have to be open minded in order to understand this. Which means if you need to read a sales pitch that a band's label writes in order to tell you how you should feel about a band, in order to develop an opinion, THIS MUSIC IS NOT FOR YOU. We play punk, ska, reggae, metal, a dash of psychobilly, a dash of acoustic-folk... We play whatever the fuck we want to play. And unlike the majority of punk rock, that doesn't mean we'll play three chords over and over, and we're at peace with it. No. We do everything we can to become better musicians each day, and we want to write good music that we, and our listeners, enjoy. We're strong believers that being talented at making music doesn't mean you have to become a pretentious douche who writes masturbatory music that only other musicians will understand. Our lyrics are sometimes aggressive, and sometimes silly. Sometimes they're about how fucked up a lot of the world is, and other times they're about something as retarded as the one-time-our-guitarist-promised-to-write-a-song-and-instead-ate-a-chicken-pot-pie. Sometimes a single song will be both conscious and funny shit. WE ARE NOT ONE DIMENSIONAL. We are pro-unity. We are anti-apathy. We are MANY things other than this, and you'll only see the many sides and philosophies we have if you LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC. So stop fucking reading this and go listen to our shit and develop your own opinion. Don't let others cram a fucking opinion in your head. You don't know who they are, what their agenda is, or what their intentions are. THINK FOR YOURSELF.