Ska & Reggae Fest FAQs


Where can I buy tickets?

All the info is over here. Take a peek!

And just where is this Ship Point venue you speak of?

It’s about as downtown as you can get, right on the Inner Harbour. It’s just down the stairs from Tourism Victoria and Milestones restaurant, across the harbor from the Legislature. Here’s a map.

Is the festival all ages?

Yes… and no. But mainly yes. All of our afternoon and evening shows at the Ship Point venue, Dance Victoria Ballroom on July 14th and our Rocksteady Collective venue (725 View Street) are all ages (with beverage garden for those with ID), but all of our night shows at bars and nightclubs are 19+. Most of the festival’s headliners are all ages shows.

Is the festival family friendly?

Definitely! Lots of people bring their kids to our Ship Point shows… and those people are awesome people.

Is there a discount for kids?

Yup, kids 10 and under ride for free!

Is Ska Fest wheelchair accessible?


Is there food and drinks on site?

Yup… there are lots of awesome hand-picked food vendors on site, and a beverage garden for those of you with two pieces of government issued ID.

Is there an ATM/ do you guys take credit card?

Both! There will be a cash machine, and we will be takoing credit/ debit at the Festival. 


Will there be recycling and composting on site?

 Very much so! We will have full-stream recycling, composting, and a small army of Green Team volunteers roaming the grounds. Read our full Green Plan here. 

What is and is not allowed onsite?

No outside liquids are allowed onsite, and any found by security will be dumped at the front gate. Water and other beverages are available at the venues-- and there will be a free water refill station available at Ship Point. 

Also no alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, laser pointers, audio/video recording devices, camping equipment, chairs, musical instruments, or over-sized umbrellas.

 Empty plastic and metal water bottles are allowed. 

What should I bring with me to best enjoy the festival?

Sunscreen, an empty water bottle, ear plugs, a jacket if the night gets cold, and some good vibes -- actually lots of 'em! 

Is there camping?

No… we are located in the heart of downtown, and so to pitch your tent nearby will mean going rogue in the park. There are camp sites on the outskirts of town, but that's a bit of a commute to the festival each day.

Where can I park my RV?

There is one RV park close to downtown, which you can find here. There are of course many more options further away, and you can find them here.

Any places to stay you would recomend? 

As a matter of fact, we do have a couple suggestions! Paul’s Motor Inn is a really cool retro joint, with affordable rates, great service and just a short stroll from the festival. For something a little more stylish, and with great views overlooking the harbour, there’s the Executive House Hotel. 

Both are sponsors of the festival, big supporters of community arts, and run by genuinely awesome people!  

How do I get My Band on the Festival?

You can apply to play the festival by filling out a quick application