Ska & Reggae Festival Merchandise

We are looking for some new designs to use on merchandise for Victoria's 21st Annual Ska & Reggae Festival and have decided to hold a CONTEST! Are you a local artist who’d love to see your work out there? Do you have an idea for something different that fits with our festival? A favourite instrument? Victoria landmark? Coastal animal? Something totally different? We'd love to see your art! We will upload all designs received to Facebook for voting by the public between April 1st - 4th and festival organizers may choose a subsequent winner. The winner(s) will receive a free item with their design and 2 VIP passes. Submit your digital design to by Mar 30th. Please include your name and the best way to contact you. Designs must be in a finished state, in a format that is ready for printing (ex - ai or illustrator pdf with each colour in its own layer) and must be your own property. Winning design(s) will be used on merchandise or media for Skafest 2020 (and possibly future years) at the director's discretion. *artwork submitted belongs to the artist for the duration of the contest. We will not use any designs without the artist's permission. Winning designs will belong to the Victoria BC Ska & Reggae Society and cannot be used elsewhere. *Any questions or comments regarding our merchandise can be sent to


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