A fuse of ska, reggae, old blues, 60’s soul, rock, and R&B combined with a deep and surrounding voice, intense love and broken hearts lyrics, souls in fire and dance, wonderful combinations that will make you move and leave you wanting more... this is INSPECTOR. Inspector is one of the most representative ska bands in Mexico with twelve years in the music scene. Formed in late 1995, their influences come from the history of ska and its distinct waves. The lyrics talk about love and the loss of it, personal experiences, things that people could identify with. The band released its first independent album in late 1998 entitled “Blanco y Negro”, which lead the band to win a “Nuestro Rock” award as best new group. This event allowed the band to perform in many cities inside Mexico. In 2002 they are signed by Universal Music and produced the album "Alma en Fuego". Thanks to hits like "Amnesia" and "Amargo adios", Inspector became the first ska group in Mexico to receive a platinum record in 2003. The first single “Amnesia”, a tragic love song featured by two great singers in Mexico, Roco (Maldita Vecindad) and Ruben Albarran (Café Tacuba). “Alma en Fuego” brought together the rhythm of ska with the feeling of the traditional Mexican music. After achieving much success in Mexico , Inspector toured USA from north to south, and some Latinamerican countries. “Unidad, Cerveza y Ska” (unity, beer and ska), title of their third album was Inspector’s war emblem since their begining, and in three words they defined the life style of the band. This is an album, which has a great fusion of traditional ska, Jamaican rhythms and that Mexican flavor which transports the listeners to the 50’s dance halls of Mexico City. To love the music you create or to die in the attempt. This is the mentality and current attitude of Inspector. In this fourth album, the band re-defines its own style and fuses rhythms that go from the punk up to the soul, going from blues to the funk and the Ska. The first single "El Dejado" is a song that invites you to dance the rythm of traditional ska. With this album, Inspector reaffirms as one of the best representative ska band from Mexico, and lets us know that there is band for a long while. You must know that an Inspector concert is an authentic celebration of music, dance and ska!