In 2005, after over a decade of playing music together in their old bands, Interstellar Root Cellar and Strugglah, Andy McAdam (bass, vocals) and Howie Woiwod (trumpet, guitar, vocals) left behind their hometown of Calgary, Aberta looking for a fresh start. They came to Montreal for the purposes of creating a new band with which they could write, record, and tour far and wide. They soon met up with local legends Nicky Popovic (trombone) and Dennis Lee (guitar, vocals), both formerly of Stomp Records recording artists General Rudie, and Andrew Mullin (Drums). The immediate chemistry between the five members was palpable. This was it, the band they had all been looking for: Stepper. Stepper is old school punk and rock blended seamlessly with authentic ska and reggae, all within well-written, groove-heavy songs, performed with remarkable musicianship, showmanship and raw energy. The love that the members of Stepper bring to their music is apparent in both their live shows and on their recordings. The members all draw from a deep well of musical experience, having performed everywhere from small pubs to concert halls to packed stadiums. As individual musicians, they have always brought both professionalism and unflinching ferocity. Together they become something more than the sum of its parts. Stepper has established itself as a band to watch.