Heads Hang Heavy

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Brought together by a love for all things that make people move, HEADS HANG HEAVY is a collective of diverse musicians who share the common goal of making dance floors sweat. Combining the roots of Reggae, the meatiness of the Blues, and a splash of Ska - HHH complete their west coast blend with original music and tasty vocals that stir your thoughts and warm the soul. Like any fine recipe the proof is in the tasting, and currently their special brew is available live and uncut at your local live music venue.

While their sound is strongly rooted in Jamaican musical styles such as Reggae, Ska and Dancehall, HEADS HANG HEAVY also draw ideas from other forms of dance music including Disco, Hip-hop, Funk and Rock. With musical tastes that are wide and far-reaching, their collective goal has always been to bring these divergent styles together under the banner of strong song-writing and infectious musical performances. HHH strive to bring an intelligent and conscious positivity to their lyrics while expressing the unique west coast culture of British Columbia.