Chali 2na

Charlie Stewart, aka Chali 2na is an American rapper and hip hop artist, formerly associated with the groups Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli. When he was young, he moved to South Central Los Angeles, which was the home base of Jurassic 5 since 1993. He and Cut Chemist became friends in high school and together with Mark 7even, they were part of a seven-man group called Unity Committee. They were, along with another three-person troupe, called the Rebels of Rhythm. The two crews also appreciated one another's styles, and they teamed to record "Unified Rebelution", in 1995. The Rebels of Rhythm were MCs Akil and Zaakir (also known as Soup); the men banded together to form Jurassic 5. In 2006, Cut Chemist elected to split from the group to pursue a solo career, and the Jurassic 5 group split up altogether in 2007. Chali 2NA's new solo album, Fish Outta Water, showcases his familiar rapid-fire flow in his lyrics, and professes his unwavering dedication to hip hop culture, insulting rappers who neglect to pay proper respect to pioneers like Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa.

Old School Hip Hop Legends will be in the house. This show cannot be missed.


Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
Fri. June 23rd 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
$39.50 - $49.50 advance
On Friday night this year, we celebrate the musical diversity of the west coast in a big way. One of the west coasts most revered and loved MCs returns to Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival for the first time since 2018 and this time he comes armed with his band and all his own songs. CHALI 2NA & THE HOUSE OF VIBE take the stage for a celebration of hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae and everything in between. The last time the Jurassic 5 alumnus came to Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest was with his friends in Ozomatli, he left us all asking for more. Well, we heard your calls, the legendary rapper returns! With his unforgettable baritone voice, Chali 2na is one of the most instantly recognizable rappers on the planet, but it's not just his voice that has kept him relevant. His nimble, often rapid-fire flows, clever wordplay, his effervescent presence and most importantly, his willingness to try new sounds and not shy away from new musical ideas, have all kept him in the ears of music fans consistently for three decades. His acclaimed work with the Funk Hunters and Krafty Kuts have helped him branch into the world of electronic music like few North American MCs have. When he's with the House of Vibe the energy is always beyond high.

Coming up from California to join us for the first time in what has been way too long if you ask us, are our dear friends and favourites of reggae and ska fans everywhere, THE AGGROLITES. The Aggrolites (Or Aggros, as their affectionately known) as beloved for their untouchable rocksteady revivalism, bringing the rocksteady sounds of 60s Kingston and 70s London modern audiences unlike anyone else doing it today. The bands' high energy reggae and ska provides the perfect base for the soulful vocals of singer Jesse Wagner. There are few bands who continue to unite the fans of reggae, punk and ska the way that the Aggros can. And as long as we're bringing back old friends and celebrating the west coast, why not bring back our Vancouver pals, LOS FURIOS. One of the most high-energy bands Vancouver has ever birthed, Los Furios has been assaulting ear drums for over 20 years with their own brand of punk, ska and reggae. Not only are they proof positive of the diverse musical landscape that is the west coast but they're also the perfect band to kick off Friday of Victoria's 24th Annual Ska & Reggae Festival. Our fellow solider for the culture and one of our all time favourite DJs, TANK GYAL will be heating things up and holding things down between sets as she assaults us from behind the decks!