Born in Seoul, South Korea, the country of her mother’s heritage, Saritah grew up by the Indian Ocean in the most isolated city in the world – Perth, Australia. A traveller from the time she was a few months old, however, she has always had a global perspective and has been exposed to and influenced by a diversity of music and culture from around the world.

Inspiring, uplifting and playfully powerful, Saritah’s live shows are colourful celebrations of life. Lyrical affirmations, inspirations, and observations weave with sounds inspired by dancehall, reggae, soul, world and pop music.
A festival favourite, Saritah loves to connect with the audience and her vocals are delivered with a captivating blend of attitude and grace.

“I make music to reconnect people with their hearts – to remind people of their power, their beauty, their divinity. I totally believe we chose to be in these times here on earth. We all are co-creators of our world and our reality. We are each one of us a divine being, and awakening to and living this truth is the next step for humanity. Music can heal, music can lift vibration in an instant. Music has given me so much in life and so I live to give back this gift of music. “