Micro Bongo Sound System

Micro Bongo Sound System is a fresh new live 3 piece band combining relentless driving brazilian rhythm with
deep pulsating electronic sounds, catering specifically to making people groove.

Some have described the sound as live Brazilian Tech House combined with Dancehall, Afrobeat and Dubstep.
Others have no idea what to call it. However you try to label them, Micro Bongo is hitting the scene hard
with a brand new sound, carefully moving the audience through a story inspired by modern technology
and ancient jungle wisdom.

Collectively the trio have over 65 years of experience performing music live with various influences
including: Jazz, Classical Indian, Flamenco, Heavy Metal/Rock, and Electronic

The instrumentation:

Andreas Kreischer:: Micro drumset, bongos, cowbells
Dan Beer:: Brazilian Surdu drum/snare, Conga, Bells, Electronic Sub Kick Drum, Roland SPDS Sample Pad, Electrix MO-Fx
Manjinder Benning::
Hardware :M-AUdio trigger finger, Novation midi controller, Vocal mic
Software: NI Massive, Ableton Live (Vocoders/Pitch Trackers/Fx/Samples)