Dr. Ring Ding

Dr. Ring-Ding is a popular live performer, studio musician, arranger and producer in many different music genres such as Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Chanson, Hip Hop, Rumba-Soukouss and Punk, but, above all, in Reggae, Dancehall and Ska.

Dr. Ring-Ding has performed live all over Europe and North America. He has appeared alongside many veterans of Jamaican music (Bob Andy, Doreen Shaffer, Phyllis Dillon, Hopeton Lewis, Derrick Morgan and Dennis Alcapone, just to name a few), and has played in the horn section of the New York Ska band The Toasters, most recently during their 1998 "Independents Day" tour in the US.
As a Deejay, singer and/or trombonist, he has appeared on a number of albums from international Ska, Reggae and Hip Hop artists, such as:

Stubborn Allstars (New York)
Soul Kid Click (New York)
Curse (Germany)
Adjusters (Chicago)
Toasters (New York)
Spook & the Guay (France)
and many more

Additionally he has appeared as Deejay or MC with famous sound systems all over Germany, as well as in Rome, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid, Budapest, Szczecin and New York City, such as:
Crazy Baldhead (USA),
Rude (Italy),
Culture Rock,
Natural Mystic,
Small Axe,
Lucky Punch,
Pow Pow Movement,
Ba Ba Boom Sound
and many more

In brief, Dr. Ring-Ding lives music, particularly the music of Jamaica! As one of the first performers in Germany who bridge the Ska and Reggae scenes, he has opened many ears and hearts for the "Good Vibes" of his favorite sounds.