The Klaxon

The Klaxon was officially founded in 2000, with a mix of ska and reggae, and nuances of different genres such as bolero, cumbia, Murga, Latin rock and salsa, among others.
With ten years of experience The Klaxon, has been nominated for best ska band in the Shock awards, has been participated in three editions of Festival Rock al Parque (2001, 2002 and 2009) the Rastazo (2002 and 2008) and in different ska- reggae festivals throughout the country, sharing the stage with bands like King Chango, Los Condones, Timmy O 'Toole, Dr. Krapula, La Severa Matacera and Nawal. The Klaxon has participated in 2 CD compilations: "El que la hace la grita" with Sony Music in Mexico, "Latin America United Skabox 1 and 2" under the label Viuda Negra Music.
In 2005 began recording their debut album "Obras Publicas", produced by Andrés Silva and with the participation of members of Los Cafres (Argentina) for their first single, "Ya nada puede ser igual", as well with Desorden Público (Venezuela ) on "Que mas quisiera" and Ojos de Brujo (Spain) in the bonus track "Chade gitano”.
A year later started the tour "La Klaxoneta por Sur America", taking their music to Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina, with nearly 40 presentations and sharing the stage with bands likes Flavio & the Mandinga Project, Dancing Mood, Riddim and Resistencia Suburbana . The tour broke in two the history of the band, because of the dead of the drummer Christian Fonseca at the end of it.
In 2007 The Klaxon takes the Colombian stages to take their music to different parts of the country, and begins the pre-production of their second album "Del Mar y el Desierto", which is completed in September 2010 in the recording studio "El Cangrejo Records" from the band Karamelo Santo, in Buenos Aires Argentina. On this occasion, The Klaxon made about 20 presentations in different cities of Argentina sharing stage with the groups most representative of the local scene.