The Fundamentals

Since their first meeting in late 2009 as five strangers nostalgic for the glory days of Canadian ska, The Fundamentals have morphed and multiplied into the eight-piece ensemble they are today. No strangers to the stage, The Fundamentals have shared a bill with such internationally-recognized acts as Subb, Mustard Plug, the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Catch-22, The Fabulous Lolo, Deals Gone Bad and Matt Collyer of the Planet Smashers, as well as played as the backing band for renowned ska/reggae MC and producer King Django.

Recalling the rhythms of early 1960's Jamaica, their music is firmly rooted in the traditions of ska, rocksteady and reggae. Far from regressive, however, The Fundamentals' style blends diverse elements of popular music, from the powerful horn lines reminiscent of funk and soul to the silky harmonies and vocal twang of country. Equally at home in smoky dive bars or on large stages, they exude an energy and attitude that will fill any room and move every audience