The EliXXXirs

It is THE ELIXXXIRS' sworn duty to get you moving faster than a prune juice smoothie. Since their start in 2005, the band has developed far beyond its original ska/reggae format, serving up an original and infectious mix of pop, rock, and punk. The Elixxxirs are a fixture on Vancouver's live scene and they regularly tour Western Canada, building a reputation as capable hosts for the kind of night that shouldn't be followed by any concrete plans.

The Elixxxirs' pilot, guitarist, and singer extraordinaire is Bobbi-Jo Moore. Her killer energy on stage and knack for writing effortless hooks draw on deeper musical roots – she counts Johnny Cash, Desmond Dekker, and The Ramones among her influences. She's backed by long-time friend and bassist Chris King. Chris is an engaging front man in his own right and brings a rock sensibility to the group but isn't beyond leaping onto his amp for a goofball bass solo. After two years of Spinal Tap-like drummer changes, these two were joined by Alec Smecher, a reputed international spy who cannot resist occasionally knocking the dust off his double pedals. Rounding out the four-piece line-up is recent addition but long-time collaborator Kevin Harwood, an experienced lead guitarist with many a scorched fretboard for proof.

Their powerful debut album, "Elixxx This", combined with high energy performances and a strong songwriting ethic have proven that The Elixxxirs are serious. A follow-up album is hot in preproduction. The Elixxxirs have shared the stage with international bands including The Slackers and Neville Staples of The Specials and have joined forces with many Vancouver bands, helping develop a raging live scene that belies Vancouver's "no fun city" reputation. Don't miss them on stage, and don't even try to come away from it sober.