DJ Intrinsic

Intrinsic has been collecting and playing records for over 13 years, and his musical tastes span nearly the whole globe of underground music. He is often found blending funk and reggae break beats, culture reggae, dub, trip hop, ethno, latin, minimal & detroit techno, idm, electro and house. A long time staple in the downtempo scene of Victoria, he has held residencies at the Reef, the Backpacker's Inn, The Jamaican Jerk House, and most notably, the Mint restaurant, where he has been the main Friday night resident for some time now. He is a regular DJ at Soundwave, and has performed at several outdoor gatherings and underground parties alongside respected artists such as Adham Shaikh, The Interchill Crew, Dr. Israel, Twilight Dub Soundsystem, Makyo, Jeff Stott, Noah Pred, Cobblestone Jazz, as well as performing in the dub band Big Bass Theory. As a hand percussionist of many years, Intrinsic has had the opportunity to drum as a guest with Dubtribe Soundsystem, Mathew Jonson's Decibel Orchestra, DJ Nav of Bombay Records, as well as recording on Guidance Recordings #45 for Miguel Graça's Turnstyle Orchestra project. Visit his web page at