Los Furios

Los Furios

LOS FURIOS - Los Furios is a high-energy Ska/Reggae/Indie band that is quickly rising to international notoriety. Since 2002 they have been committed to entertaining their live audiences with a mash up of music. Los Furios performs an intense mix of reggae and punk infused ska originals (complete with a horn section) sure to get you out on the dance floor! Touring Canada, USA and Mexico, the band has won over a new fan base every show. They play in festivals and major venues all over North America. Los Furios have shared the stage with bands like Bad Manners, Aggrolites, Fishbone, Toasters, English Beat, Mad Caddies, Slackers, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Planet Smashers, Creepshow, Katchafire, Slackers, Chris Murray, Pietasters, Inspector, Maskatesta, Mama Pulpa, Rastrillos, Los Benders, Adhesivo, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Westbound Train, Pepper, DOA, Bedouin Soundclash, Vans Warp Tour etc etc etc. Los Furios have been around the block a few times all over the place. Don't miss out on the live show. You won't regret it. Vamanos! http://losfurios.bandcamp.com

Album "Warning Shot" Available


Caracas opening for Jarabe De Palo in Vancouver 2015
In this Video Artist(s) Caracas, Los Furios, Jarabedepalo Resource(s): Rickshaw Theatre
Posted: Apr. 21, 2015
Los Furios - Ska in Mexico
In this Video Artist(s) Los Furios
Posted: Jun. 3, 2014


Rickshaw Theatre
Fri. December 14th 8pm
$22 - $25 advance Ticket Info
Here come the kings! We're talking about Brooklyn NY's ska/reggae kings THE SLACKERS that is... We celebrated their 25th Anniversary last time they came to Canada's west coast and now we're working on their journey to their dirty 30th! But no matter what point we are in life, it's always a joy to host our long time friends.

Through The Slackers' mixed repertoire of music ranging from ska and reggae to soul, R&B, folk, and bossa nova they've managed to capture fans that span the spectrum of music with audiences of all ages. The band also plays with an aggressive edge and their songs veer in themes from the personal to the political. They're a band like no other and certainly not what one may think from a ska band from their era in the US. From their 1996 release, Better Late Than Never through to 2016 with their self titled album The Slackers, they have established themselves as America's premiere interpreters and innovators of Jamaican music.

Now after 20 years of working with the Slackers, Victoria BC Ska & Reggae Society is part of this beautiful tradition of Slackers music.

We figured if we're welcoming old friends like the Slackers back to Vancouver, we may as well get some other old pals to join them. Taking the stage before the Slackers for their Vancouver return are the Van City legends, LOS FURIOS.

For more than two decades, Los Furios has been keeping Vancouver jumping with their ultra high-energy mix of ska, punk and reggae music. Their fire and energy makes them the perfect compliment to The Slackers reckless ska-punk assault.

And while this is definitely a night of catching up with old friends, we couldn't let a chance to bring something new to our Ska & Reggae Massive. Vancouver's BREHDREN takes a Ska & Reggae Society stage for the first time to thrown down their 9-piece ska, reggae, indie and jazz mishmash. We've had our eye on the Vancouver upstarts for awhile and we're excited to finally have the opportunity to bring their music to you! Warming things up and holding it down between sets is our good friend and keeper of the culture, YOUNG ROYAL. Come join us for a night of old friends, new friends and high-octane grooves!"