dUbTeT is a multi-instrumentalist dub duo from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Our sound is global dub with live instruments, live looping, and live dubbing. Unique and original, dUbTeT is a combination of acoustic and electronic, reggae and samba, dance and meditation.
A dUbTeT show is a sound system experience, inspired by Jamaican sound system culture. If music is food for the soul, then the most satisfying music is handmade with the freshest, organic ingredients. Carefully crafted to move your body and your spirit, our sound blends dub, reggae, samba, drum & bass, trip hop, bhangra, and features live drum kit, bass, keys, cornet, trombone, melodica, and Brasilian and flamenco percussion. A dubwise integration of ancient and cutting edge musical technology, dUbTeT's version of global dub mixes some of the lushest and most exciting currents in global roots and electronica.
dUbTeT is Ian Avery and Dan Beer. Ian completed a Bachelor Degree in trumpet and electronic music at the University of Victoria. In his third year of study he discovered dub reggae in the form of a King Tubby & Yabby You record and was hooked for life. In 1998, Ian joined Victoria dub band Pacific Frontal System (PFS). Dan, a veteran drummer/percussionist, first heard dub through Black Uhuru and the Wailers as a teenager. He played punk and alternative rock full time through the 80s and 90s, when his interest in dub and electronica led to the formation of PFS in 1997. In 2004, following the death of PFS bassist Chris Buck, Ian and Dan formed dUbTeT. Since then, dUbTeT have developed a soulful hypnotic sound that compels you to move. dUbTeT can rock a dance floor or relax a lounge and have shared stages with Dubmatix, Dr. Israel, Prince Pauper, and many local bands in Victoria. They currently play every Saturday at Sanuk Lounge.

For more information about dUbTeT go to www.myspace.com/dubtet