The fusion of Ska, Reggae and Funk with a very hard rock feeling brings out the unique touch that La Severa Matacera gives to its music, showing that the roots of this genres are the same so that they match perfectly. A very harmonious brass ensemble joined by a rhythm base made of powerful bass, guitar and drums grooving together contagiously is the key. La Severa Matacera was born in Bogot (Colombia South America) at the end of 1.995 with the idea of forming a band wich could mix all the influences of its members. The first demo-tape, Inmunidad, was printed in Mxico D.F. by an independent label called Pepelobo Rekords in 1.999. In year 2.002 La Severa Matacera shows a CD called Cuando La Gente Se Pare by the colombian labels Hormigaloca Producciones and MTM. On August 2.003 the band showed the first video of the song Cuando la gente se pare. Directed byr Nicols Mndez. The video has been shown on the main national networks such as City T.V. and Play T.V. On November the video won the Best Video According to the Audiendce Award on the Videodrmo 2.003 awards besides being nominated on the Best Ska Video Award. The video has been shown several times on the T.V. show 120 Minutes at MTV Latino Channel. Last year they had a successful release of their single Energia Positiva and they won the award for BEST SKA REGGAE BAND in Colombia given by MUSIC SHOCK AWARDS 2005. Commemorating 10 years of musical work the band will soon star a tour that will take them to the main venues of several states in USA to spread rebel ska, the feeling of reggae, the power of and the flavor of Colombian music.