The Next Best Thing

Over the past 6 years since The Next Best Thing’s inception they have played well over 500 shows, entertaining audiences and developing a loyal following wherever they have showcased their talents. The bands dynamic evolution has managed to keep fans excited and loyal. Over the past three years, The Next Best Thing has numerously played with notable acts such as The Slackers, Bedouin Soundclash, The Salads and The Planet Smashers to name a few. Since the band’s beginning they have released three full length albums; 1999’s Skattack, 2004’s Suburban Dub Syndicate and their much anticipated new release Working Machine. Skattack was released independently; emphasizing The Next Best Thing’s “do it yourself” work ethic and sold the initial and only press of five hundred units. Surburban Dub Syndicate was also independently released under TNBT’s new business venture/label known as Transform Entertainment. Suburban Dub Syndicate is currently at over 2000 albums sold independently in Canada to date. TNBT’s lyrics express the bands social conscience as well as reflecting upon their personal experiences.

With the release of Working Machine, The Next Best Thing shows the true musical talent that each one of its members can bring to the table. The new album has TNBT still holding the base roots of their music but also has the band stepping out of their comfort zone into sounds of funk, soul, electronic, experimental and even a little heavy rock. Working Machine has something to offer every one of all musical preferences. Every track on Working Machine offers something different, which truly makes this album ground breaking and every song a potential hit single.

The Next Best Thing has never followed trends which will keep this bands music fresh and cutting edge.