Stephie Spring

Stephanie Sprinkling completed her diploma in Fine Arts at Camosun College in 1996 and since then has continued to explore new avenues in art. Also skilled in drafting and photography, Stephanie has merged the linear with her love of whimsy and colour to create works that bring delight and warmth to the viewer. Individuals close to Stephanie inspire her drawings and local Vancouver Island venues are featured. When immersed in both urban and natural settings, she is moved to create works that connect with others. She hopes that others will benefit from her art, a form that derives from a very personal and therapeutic process. The movement and pattern in her drawings may be recognizable to many but is presented in a new and different way. Her attention to colour creates an emotional response, unique to each viewer. Stephanie had a love of drawing since she was a child and has found a way to weave that into her adult life. Embracing childhood, she invites others to share her youthful love of drawing and painting.

Art Portfolio