The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies come from Eugene, Oregon and have been filling dance floors since 1989. With a punk attitude at its genesis, the band formed partly as a reaction against the grunge movement of the era in the northwest. The Daddies have always chosen to violate genre boundaries. They mix punk, swing, funk, and ska with elements of country, psychedelia, alt rock, Latin, and glam. The name of their debut album, Ferociously Stoned, borrows a line from a Motorhead song and even the band’s name raises eyebrows on second thought. The Daddies were also leaders of the neo-swing movement of the mid-nineties. Their 2009 album, Skaboy JFK, compiles their own history of ska recordings. No, they’re not afraid to push boundaries or stake new turf. Not afraid to create dance madness at the Victoria Ska Festival, either. These guys can play ska.