Apex Breaks

"The mighty maestros of mischief, the juggernauts of jungle funk, APEX BREAKS. Every time that Apex Breaks takes to the stage, their legend grows exponentially. Priding themselves on being one of the more fun, more unpredictable, more engaging band on the west coast right now. Their show at Hermann's Upstairs on the opening night of Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest 2022 was one of the most talked about performances this year and set the tone for an unforgettable weekend. Apex Breaks lays down heavy funk with hits of hip-hop, soul, rock, dub and a big slopping plate of psychedelia. Made of some of Victoria's best musicians from a variety of beloved projects, when Apex Breaks is on the stage they radiate joy and fun as they indulge the audience in their shared love of music and the bonds of musical community."
- Victoria Ska and Reggae Society