Salshahall Collective

Salshahall Collective

There's been a musical storm gathering on the other side of the Georgia Strait, and the time has come for it to be unleashed on the unsuspecting dancefloors across the land. SALSAHALL COLLECTIVE is a straight-up groove monster, combining the best elements of salsa, dancehall and hip-hop, delivering it all with the power of a brass band. The boasts an international roster with musicians from Jamaica, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala and France, including members of established Vancouver bands like Tanga, Kutapira, Mazacote and Wasakaka.


Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival 20th Anniversary FREE Showcase!
Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
Thu. June 20th 4pm - 10pm
*This show is FREE, fully licensed and all-ages!*

Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival has a bit of a reputation of having bands with a whole lot of members. We know, we know. And in that knowing, we decided this year we'd challenge ourselves and see how many musicians we get on a stage in a day. To help us achieve a new best, 8-piece Peruvian ska outfit VIEJA SKINA is making their way to the festival, and to Canada, for the first time. One of Peru's most prominent ska bands, the group combines classic ska sounds with musical elements from the music of the home. We can't wait to show you all how hot this band can get the dancefloor.

Hmmm, 8 members that's a good start but it might be lacking, so, why not throw in 9 or 10 more?! (Or maybe more. We're never really sure!) Vancouver's rhythm powerhouse SALSAHALL COLLECTIVE is making the trek across the Strait for the first time and we can tell you, you do not want to miss this band! They opened up for Ozomatli at the Rickshaw this past January and they set the place on fire. Dancehall, salsa, hip-hop – whipped together and delivered with serious fire, Salsahall Collective should be on the must-see list for any serious groove lover this year. Well, we're doing pretty good so far, so let's keep this momentum and throw 15 or so more musicians onto the pile. THE CAPITAL COLLECTIVE is a veritable ska supergroup, gathering members from some of our favourite local bands – Dope Soda, Bananafish Dance Orchestra, Jon & Roy, Astrocolor, Batuque Axe, Lovecoast...and those are just the ones we know about now! We've heard rumblings of guests and surprises from this very special presentation, so we'll have to wait like everyone else! We're not entirely sure if we'll make that new best, but this you gotta agree, this is a damned good start! Expect big, big sounds this whole night and ALL FOR FREE in our beautiful Inner Harbour. You have zero reason to miss this...

And be sure to grab tickets for the Cherry Poppin' Daddies rocking Distrikt with Apex Breaks and Stephen Lewis right after the harbour!