The Vancouver-based five-piece all-percussive ensemble, Kutapira, blend traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms with the melodies of Zimbabwean and West African folk and popular music. Kutapira can often be heard busking on the streets of downtown Vancouver, attracting a crowd with their frenzied high-energy brand of Afro groove. The members Jeremy Bryant, Kai Bouchan, Chris Couto, Sangito Bigelow and Theo Vincent can be seen shuffling around congas, djembes, timbales, Zimbabwean marimbas, and a drum kit in their live performances. Kutapira have been together for close to a decade and have released two album to date, Synergy in 2008 and Beginnings in 2013. If you like fast-paced, high-energy percussion with an African sensibility, Kutapira will surely deliver and have your feet moving at the same tim