Mark Woodyard

Often referred to as a “Human Jukebox,” Mark Woodyard – simply known to many as WOODYARD – has deep musical knowledge, unbound by genre conventions, allowing him to hop between feelings and sounds however he sees fit. A multi-talented musician who uses looping machines, his voice and his guitar, Woodyard is best known for his wide-array of genre-bending covers that showcase his vocal range and eclectic sounds, creating utterly unique performances every time he takes the stage. With no two shows sounding the same, Woodyards improvised style calls to mind legends like Reggie Watts and Marc Rebillet – a multi-instrumentalist who can captivate an audience and spark fires on the dancefloor.

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Woodyard is no rookie, having been a part of the live music scene for the better part of two decades – a journey that seen him take the stage at some of the world's most renowned festivals like Shambhala, Bass Coast and Envision. You may not know what you're gonna get when Woodyard takes the stage, but you can be absolutely sure that whatever he brings you, he's going to make you DANCE.