Blasé Blasé

Blasé Blasé is an eclectic group from Victoria, BC Canada featuring a lineup of the city's most talented veterans – Daniela Jackson (vocals), Tejas Collison (bass), Gavin Rose (drums), Guillaume Richards (guitar), Jesus Estevez (vocals, keys, production) and, the unofficial 5th member, Shane Blaq (vocals). Blending elements of live jazz, funk and conscious hip-hop, they have a sound as unique and diverse as its members. Their sound ranges from high-energy funky and disco thumpers that get a dancefloor moving to slower, soulful jazzy tunes, with a vibe closer to The Roots, FKJ, or the late Mac Miller. From their debut sold out show at Lucky Bar Blasé Blasé has been a musical force on the Island music scene. With a pandemic-induced hiatus, the group has poured their time and energies into further developing their live show and writing new material and looking to hit 2022 hard out of the gate. Indeed, the next chapter promises to be truly exciting for the group as they reintroduce themselves to the world and showcase their new sound as a full live band.


White Eagle Polish Hall
Sat. February 26th 19:30
$25 - 29.95 advance
While the roots of modern groove lay in funk and soul, much of modern groove is tended to by DJs and electronic producers, and no one is doing more work in tending the groove garden than the mighty FORT KNOX FIVE. Garden City Grooves is very excited to welcome Fort Knox Five back to Victoria for the first time in over three years. From Washington, DC and recently relocated to Canadian west coast in BC, Fort Knox Five has remained at the vanguard of rhythm and groove since their inception nearly 20 years ago (2003). Through their label Fort Knox Recordings, their massively popular Funk The World mix series and their legendary appearances at some of the most important festivals in the electronic world – like Bass Coast, Shambhala, Burning Man, for example – FKF has long been established as one of the premier places to get deep grooves that are guaranteed to make your mouth smile and your ass shake.

As mighty as Fort Knox Five is, they won’t be coming alone as they’ll be joining forces with Vancouver’s “Human Jukebox” MARK WOODYARD for a very special headline performance. Armed with his guitar, his voice and loop machines, Woodyard is a talent unlike any other in the area and we can’t wait to see what groovy delights he and Steve of Fort Knox Five are going to conjure up. Garden City Grooves is very stoked to welcome BLASÉ BLASÉ to our stage for the first time. Comprised of members of some of Victoria’s most iconic acts, Blasé Blasé is making some seriously smooth and warm chilled-out hip-hop. The band has been hard at work during the pandemic creating new music and honing their live show, and they’re sure to be coming back out of the gates HOT.

Also on the bill is our long time friend and west coast hip-hop veteran MO MOSHIRI, who will be flanked by another friend of ours, GROSSBUSTER. An alumnus of iconic group Sweatshop Union, Moshiri has established himself outside of the group as an MC who always brings his best on the mic. His rhymes are thoughtful, deep and full of capital-L Love and his beats straddle the line between old-school and nu-school. Last, but certainly not least Garden City Grooves is so proud to finally welcome powerful JENNAY BADGER between the 1s and 2s. A Vancouver transplant that cut her teeth and established herself here on Vancouver Island, Jennay Badger has proven herself to be one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking DJs in the west coast game right now.

We seriously cannot wait to get SWEATY on the dancefloor with all of our groove-seeking friends for a serious Saturday night throw-down.

Saturday, February 26 @ White Eagle Hall (James Bay)
Doors: 7:30pm
All ages, proof of full vaccination required for entry, Beverage Service for 19+ w/ ID
Tickets $25 - $29.95, available exclusively at