E.N. Young

E.N Young née Ian Allan Young, has been a frontline soldier of Roots Reggae music from an early age, with authenticity being the key determinate. Branching from piano at age five to drums at age 12 as part of physical therapy for a broken arm, E.N began meandering his own musical path as a result of encouraging friends and family. By his teenage years, E.N Young developed an even greater passion for Jamaican Culture and Roots music, being inspired with his two brothers, Manuel and Mike 'Strictly Roots' Marquez.

At age 17, E.N Young earned himself an internship at a recording studio; it was there where he recognized his true talent for production. By 2002, E.N joined the San Diego-based world music band Stranger, taking part in four studio albums with the ensemble while touring the West Coast, Hawaii and Guam. E.N Young’s dedicated efforts in the group garnered him a San Diego Music Award in 2009 and subsequent recognition throughout the San Diego music scene, enough to produce his own solo album a year later entitled Luck & Chance No More under his own Roots Musician Records. As the first artist under the label, E.N grew his brand by touring solo and promoting his new sound, eventually being approached by Roots Reggae band Tribal Seeds to produce their Soundwaves EP in 2011. This production partnership led to a proposition for E.N to be brought out on the road in his first national tour, from Hawaii to New York, as opening act for Tribal Seeds. It wasn’t until a year later that E.N. Young was initiated into Tribal full-time, playing keyboard and his signature melodica.

Over the years with Tribal Seeds, E.N Young escalated in his production enterprises, opening the doors of his own Imperial Sound Recording Studio in January of 2013. Standing as the most southwest recording studio in the country, just due north of the United States/Mexico Border, Imperial Sound has welcomed artists from around the globe -- most of Roots Reggae orientation. It was there that E.N produced Tribal Seeds’ most successful album to date, Representing, which amassed him a second San Diego Music Award before he cordially parted from the band in 2016.

Now backed with substantial accreditation, E.N Young has produced, mixed or mastered over 800 songs out of his studio (and growing!), including his own albums – the latest being Forest Wilderness in May 2018. Segueing from his traditional rootsy past to Reggae incorporating modern EDM elements, E.N’s Forest Wilderness EP exemplifies his ability to manufacture novel sound in a relatively niche genre. As for production credits, E.N Young has worked with current headlining acts, like Pepper, Rebelution, Stick Figure, Slightly Stoopid, Trevor Hall, Million Stylez, Alborosie, Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Don Carlos, Mykal Rose, KBong, Iya Terra and beyond. E.N’s most recent accomplishments include culminating over 2.6 million plays for “Ease Your Mind”, a single he produced and featured on for Philadelphia band Kings and Comrades, as well as solidifying an inclusion on Spotify’s ‘Reggae Party’ editorial playlist for his latest solo single, “Queendom”. With much on the horizon, E.N Young continues to scout for collaborative talent whilst progressing in his own musical ventures.

Written by: Kristy Rose (Top Shelf Music)