Handsome Tiger

One of the most exciting Djs and producers on the west coast, Handsome Tiger has built a reputation as a serious wizard of insanely deep grooves and precision mastery of serious Bass. His music is at once always driving forward, but never forgetting the cultural influences that continue to inform him. His unmatched ear for rhythm allows him to straddle any number of musical worlds at once – drawing influences from dubstep, grime, dancehall, afrobeat, rap. His consistently exciting and unique blend of sounds and ideas has made him a favourite with a variety of audiences – equally at home in EDM heavens of Bass Coast and Shambhala or in a live-band environment like Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival. Named one of CBCs Indigenous Artists You Need To Know in 2021, Handsome Tiger hasn't missed yet – and it doesn't look like he's going to any time soon.