Five Alarm Funk

The west coast has always been fertile ground for the genre-blending of musics many sounds and cultures, but nothing has come out of the area as powerful, explosive, driving and FUN as the mighty FIVE ALARM FUNK. For over a decade, Five Alarm Funk has been setting dancefloors on fire and assaulting audiences with their relentless grooves, driving percussion, soaring horns and undeniable energy. The band has a consistently great catalogue of albums – like Sweat (2017) and Big Smoke (2020) – but it is the live Five Alarm Funk experience that has given the band near-mythic status from the Pacific to the Atlantic. There is nothing like the experience of seeing Five Alarm Funk spread across the whole stage – a living wall pulsating with groove, passion, fun and the talent to back it up. It has been scientifically proven impossible to stay still at a Five Alarm Funk show. Such is the unique power of this band that all who witness their rhythmic glory will be given to movement, compelled to dance by forces they can't even be begin to understand. On any given night Five Alarm Funk could blast you into the atmosphere on a weightless whirlwind of musical wonderment or drag you deep into the sexy, sweaty centre of the Earth – but no matter where they lead, you will be safe alongside these Titans of Groove, Monsters of Funk. None mightier in the land than FIVE ALARM FUNK.


Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
Sat. June 25th 14:00
Tickets $35 - $45 Ticket Info
Victoria's 23rd Annual Ska & Reggae Festival Night 4
Bedouin Soundclash, Five Alarm Funk, The Gaff & Babyface Brass, Nasty Jag Sound
Saturday, June 25, 2022 @ Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
All Ages, Tickets $35 - $45 advance, available at,
Hardcopies available in Victoria at Destination Greater Victoria Tourist Booth,
In Nanaimo at Fascinating Rhythm, in Courtenay at Bop City Records and in Vancouver at Red Cat Records (Both locations)

It's been a long time since we celebrated a Saturday night in the Inner Harbour with all our friends, so we decided that we needed to throw down extra hard this year with a lineup of some of Canada's coolest, most forward-thinking bands and artists. Night 4 will be headlined by Canadian reggae giants BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH as they take the Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival stage for the first time. For over twenty years Bedouin Soundclash has been helping push Canadian reggae to the forefront of the musical landscape with their soulful, exciting and unique catalogue. Songs like “When The Night Feels My Song” and “Walls Fall Down” have become legit staples of Canadian radio, crossing over genre boundaries and spreading reggae to audiences that may otherwise not hear anything on this side of the Wailers.

Joining Bedouin Soundclash for our Saturday party under the skyline is Vancouvers unstoppable groove juggernaut, FIVE ALARM FUNK. One of the most ferociously fun bands to ever exist – not just on the west coast but in all the galaxy – Five Alarm Funk delivers a relentlessly pulsing show that radiates an energy unlike anything you've ever felt. Try not to dance at a Five Alarm Funk show and you will fail, for it is an impossible task. When Five Alarm Funk gets in front of an audience there is no choice but to take their lead and follow them into the groovy abyss, a place where feet move, asses shake and bodies sweat. Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival is also proud to welcome THE GAFF to our stages for the first time. One of the most talented and knowledgable DJ s the Canada has ever produced, The Gaff has become renowned for his otherworldy turntable skills, deft genre-mashing and seemingly endless knowledge of an endless array of music. Able to move like water and adapt to any environment he's in, The Gaff has built a reputation as a man that can start a party anywhere and get any crowd moving. Coming across the Strait to join the party is Vancouver's BABYFACE BRASS. Cutting their teeth for over a decade busking on the streets of Vancouver, Babyface Brass has honed themselves into one of the city's most deadly party bands, ready to lay it down something fierce at a moment's notice. Keeping the dancefloor hot and moving between sets is NASTY JAG SOUND, one of Vancouver's most reliable crews for the best riddims as they drop soca, calypso, dancehall, reggae and anything else that make the speakers thump.

Come join us for one of the wildest Saturdays the Inner Harbour has ever seen! Night 4 of Victoria's 23rd Annual Ska & Reggae Fest is shaping up to be something truly special. Don't miss it!