Buddy Jay's Jamaican Jazz Band

Since 2012, Buddy Jay's Jamaican Jazz Band has elaborated on the tradition of Jamaican Jazz and R&B music. They move the music forward by engaging a deep respect for the sound, and by writing original Jamaican jazz ,ska, dub reggae, calypso and rocksteady influenced tunes and performing them with tenacity. Their sound is firmly rooted in the golden era of Jamaican music; the 1960's and 1970's. When naming the band, Buddy preferred to call a spade a spade and use the words “Jamaican Jazz” instead of the usual “Ska” which is used to describe a whole myriad of styles within the genre these days. He wanted to make sure that people understood that the group was paying respect to the original artists and people who created the music, and that that was something of the utmost importance to the band.

Buddy Jay and the band's unique take on the genre of Jamaican jazz have allowed them the opportunity to share the stage with a lot of other great talents. As part of the Soul'd Out Music Festival they shared the stage with the likes of Vieux Farke Toure, Charles Bradley, Mos Def, and many more and have also shared the stage with genre icons like Winston Jarrett, Monty Neysmith, The Skints, Giant Panda Gorilla Dub Squad, and The Gladiators to name a few.

The current lineup features members of The Cascadians ,The Isrealites, Grupo Condente, March Fourth Marching Band, Cloud Six, DCB, and more. Buddy and the band's very first self titled album, was released upon the world in 2015 to great acclaim drawing international podcast and radio AirPlay. 2019 saw the release of a split EP titled “Before the Big One” with newcomers The Cascadians featuring dub versions of two new tunes. A second full length release is currently in the works as we speak!

These heavy hitters always bring the party and never play a room without a dance floor. Stay tuned because Buddy Jay is here to stay!


Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
Sun. June 26th 14:00
Victoria's 23rd Annual Ska & Reggae Festival Closing Day FREE Show
Trish (Backed by Phonosonics), Parayhyba Ska Jazz Foundation, DonKristobal, The Steadies, Buddy Jay's Jamaica Jazz Band, Young Royal
Sunday, June 26, 2022 @ Ship Point (Inner Harbour),
Doors @ 2pm, FREE, All-ages

In the spirit of community and bringing together through music that birthed Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival, we always try to close a festival with a fresh, world-class lineup that allows everyone to find something new and access music they might never have a chance to see. We are always looking to open up new musical avenues for our audiences and this year is no different. Headlining our closing day is Toronto reggae/R&B songstress TRISH making her festival debut backed by our dear friends PHONOSONICS. Armed with an incredible falsetto, unique vibe and powerful stage presence, Trish has made a splash on the Canadian music scene through both her solo work and her work with the Juno-nominated Sattalites. With the help of Phonosonics, Trish is sure to close our festival with something special – guaranteed to send the people home with love in their hearts and a smile on their faces.

Our closing Sunday spetacular also brings the return of Brazil's PARAHYBA SKA JAZZ FOUNDATION. The supremely dynamic 7-member group lit up the Inner Harbour the last time they made it up here. They've proven themselves as keepers of traditional Jamaican jazz sounds with an emphasis on strong jazz aesthetic. Their shows are showcases of ska and reggae classics, played with colourful energy and a deep, abiding respect for the art of ska music. Joining the party is big-time reggae outfit from Colombia, DONKRISTOBAL. Making well-crafted reggae that draws equally from traditional and current inspirations with splashes of things like jazz and Bolero, DonKristobal uses to music to commune with the audience as he sings his songs of inspiration and love. A firm believer in the power of music, DonKristobal has worked extensively with youth in his home Medellín.

We are so excited to welcome back one of our favourite bands working in Canada today as THE STEADIES make a triumphant return to the main stage to help us round out another year of celebrating musical community. Ska, reggae, soul, funk, straight-up rock – it doesn't matter what The Steadies are doing because when they're on stage you know it's going to be played with serious skill and sexy, smooth style. Wether you've seen them before or you're experiencing them for the first time – The Steadies at the Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest on the main stage under the afternoon sky is a show you definitely do not want to miss. BUDDY JAY'S JAMAICAN JAZZ BAND is also on the bill for this free closing day celebration. Playing well-crafted original music that touches on ska, dub, reggae, rocksteady and calypso with a deep abiding respect for the roots of the music, there's no one doing it like Buddy Jay and the crew right now. With 8 members banging out the tunes, their sound is big and draws music-lovers of all kinds in. We're also very stoked at the return of our friend and one of the most knowledgable selectors we've ever encountered, YOUNG ROYAL, as he keeps the crowd hopping between bands. Come join us as we close out our 23rd year and take the first steps into the summer!