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Starting his career in an underground New York inspired café in his original hometown of Brisbane, Australia, to his first International appearance at Shambhala's Fractal Forest, in 2009, continues to refine his skills, experimenting and educating himself and his fans with mash up productions of classic hip hop,ingrained with rare and funky, rhythmically savvy grooves.With the overwhelming support and love from the world’s most respected funky breaks producers behind him,Slynk's reputation hasbeen growing strong with numerous self-releases and with established labels Westwood Recordings, Jalapeno Records, Goodgroove, and Discocakes just to name a few.His timeless nu-funk electro boogie bravado has met the public with an overwhelming enthusiasm. His Fractal Forest sets brought his unstoppable Forward Momentum to a new level that not only constitutes his best credentials today but also consecrated his name to the West Coast Funk Nation. Nothing more than another step in spreading his instant, smile-provoking, supreme '80s-funk-flavored boogie, Slynk is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia to complete his conquering of the New World and, as an Ambassador of Funk.