About MonkeyDragon

The brand new collaboration of Adham Shaikh and Buckman Coe. It's a live-electronic horn-fuelled space odyssey through spaghetti western landscapes blending Funk, Cumbia, Dub and Psychedelia. Sounds fun right ?! After working together on “Malama Ka’ Aina” and “Gathering Storm” Buckman and Adham began expanding their ideas of what collaborations could sound like.
This side -project quickly became a portal for both to explore new things and new techniques. Incorporating looping pedals and electronics , brass , guitars layered vocals and live guests , the shows were a flying carpet ride of high vibes and joyous dancing

A lot of fun was had developing these songs across BC at festivals and in sweaty community halls with the tremendously towering trombones of Andy Cakes and the sassy brass of Harvey Paris.