Jônelle is a singer, songwrite and producer from Flower City, ON. She started music at an early age. The singer started singing at about 6 years old and a few years later she started playing the trumpet. Jônelle because a professional musician in 2019 and has never felt more that this is her calling - to share her voice through music. Jônelle has an original style, sourcing her inspiration from reggae, afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B and jazz, to only name a few. The talented singer is expressive and her versatility will make you want to listen to her music over and over again.

Her first single "Sunshine" was written when she was 16 and she was able to live her dream and record the track in 2019. With all the elements of "Redefining Love" Jônelle writes about her first-hand experiences of cultivating love in a hard and toxic world, something you definitely don't want to miss. Her music is extremely relatable in both understanding self, romantic love and the many misconceptions of what is has become today.