Ojo De Buey

Ojo de Buey is a Latin reggae band from Costa Rica that has established itself as one of the most important reggae bands in its country and region. The group has 2 full-length albums: "Taste in a Cruel Time" (winner of the ACAM Award for Best Reggae Disco 2011) and "Repellent pal Dolor" (2013).

What began as a casual project among friends in May 2007 in San José, Costa Rica, has grown into a calling for the members of Ojo De Buey. The band was born with the slogan of playing live - bringing their breezy reggae to parties and small bars. Over time, Ojo de Buey went through a metamorphosis, little by little it integrating a more Latin flavor into its songs, mixing it with their naturally prevailing reggae tendencies. The result: an introspective balance that allows the group, and its members, to acquire strength, movement and direction.