VJ Kinotropy

From the man, himself. In his own words:

"Hello! I’m VJ Kinotropy and I love to smash video. Live.

I’ve VJ’d at hundreds & hundreds of events ranging from the world's largest festivals and most famous venues, to the smallest, coziest cafes. Whether I’m smashing video in the stadium or the club, the fancy theater downtown, or a festival in the woods - audiences rave about what they’ve seen on my screens.

For me video art is all about freeing beautiful imagery from the confines of traditional narrative and mainstream media. Devised to accompany music of all kinds, my performance is all about accentuating the auditory experience through the eyes of the audience. I have a knack for the latest video technology and using my huge library of laboriously sourced video clips, I deliver a unique style of sound-reactive video collage.

Working in the entertainment industry has been a life changing experience. I've toured extensively and performed alongside some living legends of electronic dance music like Amon Tobin, Benny Benasi, and Steve Aoki. My festival highlights include New York’s Electric Zoo, Nocturnal Wonderland in California, Digital Dreams in Toronto and Chicago’s Wavefest, as well as local festivals like Shambhala, Bass Coast and Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival."


Victoria Curling Club
Fri. June 23rd 21:00
$36.50 - $45 advance Ticket Info
The bonds between Jamaican-rooted music and modern electronic music are evident with an even a cursory comparison between the two. There might be no one bringing Rasta culture to electronic music like the UK jungle legend CONGO NATTY. One of the most recognizable and powerful names in jungle, Congo Natty continues the Jamaican tradition of creating music about perseverance, struggle, and love in the face of injustice. With the belief that jungle is the roots reggae for this new century we find ourselves in, Congo Natty's music is fuelled by the need and pull to bring the principals of Rasta to the people. The music is unrelenting, full of righteous anger and professions of religious fervour, delivered with sweet reggae hooks, deep bass and rapid-fire drum breaks. Congo Natty sets have become the stuff of legend, uniting dancefloors with a purpose like few acts today can. Come see this titan of jungle music debut in Victoria!

Congo Natty will be joined by west coast legend in his own right. For nearly two decades, STICKYBUDS has built a reputation as one of the most storied party-rockers on this planet or any other. A favourite of festivals of all genres around the globe, his sets have delighted electronic music enthusiasts and won over new fans wherever he's gone. His unique blend of funk, drum n' bass, jungle, hip-hop, breaks, glitch-hop and whatever else groovy that grabs his ear, means there's something for almost every music fan when Stickybuds is in control. This is a man who loves Jamaican-rooted music, one of the most knowledgeable ears around and you can expect some incredible deep cuts and fresh mixes brought to you with unmatched style and energy.

Our good friend and one of the most talented DJs our city has seen in years, JENNAY BADGER will also be joining us for this Friday party as she'll kicking things off and keeping our feet moving between and after Stickybuds and Congo Natty. Growing up in the diverse, fertile musical culture that is Vancouver Island, Jennay Badger has a deep knowledge of a seemingly endless array of genres, as well as the ability and creativity to find links between those genres, blending them up however the mood demands.

Featuring visuals from DJ Kinotropy to delight your eyes while the music delights your ears.

Victoria Curling Club
Sat. June 24th 21:00
$36.50 - $45 advance
Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival is honoured to welcome one of modern hip-hop's true titans on the mic, BROTHER ALI, back to Victoria for the first time in 6 years and for the first time on our stage. Ever since his first release on the legendary Rhymesayers label more than 20 years ago, Brother Ali has represented the most powerful aspects of hip-hop and hip-hop culture. Possessing one of the smoothest flows in rap, he delivers his deeply thoughtful, often times brilliant and sometimes hilarious, rhymes with an unmatched passion and joy. His shows are literal celebrations of life – the glory and love, the struggle and despair, all of it. A community activist and speaker, when Brother Ali is on stage with a mic in his hand, he knows how to connect with the people in front of him.

Also taking the Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest stage for the first time is Canada's most-beloved DJs and musical innovators, KID KOALA.. In the vast world of scratching, there are few scratchers who use turntables like an instrument the way Kid Koala does. His sets traverse genres and perform a delicate balance of pleasingly familiar music and thrillingly new ideas and deliveries. His precise, lightning-fast cuts combined with his endlessly creative musical mind, have made him an endearing legend, bringing fans of all musical genres together and showing them how it all fits together even if it seems like it might not. Getting things going and keep the proceedings hot between Ali and Koala is the power duo DJ ANGER + KING BENZ. Their big, energetic mix of electronic beats and hard-hitting rap hit the Curling Club in a big way during last year's festival and we knew we had to bring 'em back for another go. The night will also features from visuals from the uber-talented VJ Kinotropy, to delight your eyes as well as your ears.

Come, One and all! To one of the straight-up coolest evenings of music on the schedule this year.