Aboubacar Camara & Doundounba

Aboubacar Camara leads Doundounba in performing West African amasumbou music - a mingling of musical traditions - including ancient Guinean rhythms and popular West African dance-driven melodies of mandeng guitar.

Their instrumentation is equally diverse, incorporating the balafon (xylophone), djembe (hand drum), doun doun (bass drum), kirin (slit log drum played with sticks), and gongoma (gourd) alongside electric and bass guitars and the drum kit.

The result is dance hall world music alongside traditional percussion, a combination that gets everyone on their feet dancing or moving in their seat! On stage, Aboubacar's extra-ordinary dance moves, with their speed, energy and style, are thrilling to watch.

Many of Aboubacar's original lyrics promote qualities such as kindness, unity and joy, and others make inquiries into the human condition and the challenges that face a diverse society.

This range and excellence in African music make Doundounba's sound stand out in the World Music community. Their compelling presentation and the vibrant atmosphere they create make this group one you won't want to miss!

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