the return of

Skaboom formed in 1987 to play SKA.
SKABOOM! Is a 7 piece SKA band, with a smokin� 3 piece Horn section.
Since 1987 the band has played over 500 gigs and done numerous tours.
The band took the last couple of years off while various members went all over the world.
The new SKABOOM plays both old and new original songs and old classic SKA songs which SKABOOM! has revamped..
The band has 6 of the original members, the new member of the band is drummer, Leigh Grant.
Dave Neal says� The Grant brothers make a great rhythm section. They know exactly what�s happening. They have a great connection�.
SKABOOM ! is better than ever.

�Why are you guys playin again?�

SKABOOM ! Loves SKA Music
SKABOOM ! loves to play SKA

SKABOOM! is back to get the dancefloor hoppin� !!

The members of SKABOOM! are

Dave �Legs� Neal Vocals/ Guitar
Chris �The Kid� Grant Bass/ Vocals
Leigh �The Man� Grant Drums
Dexter Keyboards/Vocals
Bruce � Major Bone�Nicholson Trombone
Graham � Suave Guy� Howell Saxophone
Kevin � Grasshopper� Lee Trumpet